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The cornerstone of the HAALO system is the 360d real-time protection that it provides to two-wheeler riders with blind spot, rear, and front collision warnings delivered through a unique, intuitive, and patented spatial audio HMI. HAALO also warns drivers that they are threatening the riders through a bright and visible rear facing LED that flashes in tandem to the threat.


Data Acquisition and BI

With every ride, HAALO collects a wealth of data about rider patterns, vehicle behavior, road threats, incidents, and more. These data are not only leveraged to improve the system's AI based detection algorithms and edge case coverage, but also to drive adaptive vehicle control and safety based navigation, further optimizing the safety of riders, drivers, and pedestrians alike.


3rd Party API

Two-wheeler adoption is growing at an unprecedented rate, and with it, traffic congestion and chaos. The success of two-wheelers as a sustainable mode of transportation is  dependent on the collaboration of a wide array of stakeholders with a common vision and understanding of the challenges, risks, and opportunities at hand. Plug in and join us for the ride!





two wheelers

Whether you are riding a motorcycle, moped, e-scooter, or e-bike - HAALO has got you covered.


Helmets &

HAALO is a coin-sized, ultra-low power system that can be integrated in the most challenging of applications - smart helmets just got smarter and Bluetooth communicators safer.


Fleet & shared
micromobility operators

If you operate a two-wheeler fleet, be it for logistics, security, or shared transportation, reach out and learn how we can protect your riders and help your organization optimize for safety with data driven insights.


Motorcycle &
micromobility oems

Safer riding experience, closed rider feedback loop, and recurring services platform? Yes, you can sign up right here :-)


& regulatory

More data is more insights. And more insights translates to better infrastructure and a safer regulatory  environment for PTWs.

Insurance &

Aggregate and rider specific data is key to assessing the risk profile of any rider and fleet. Fleets reduce premiums, telematics players expand coverage, and insurance companies reduce risk.

Win win win!

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