The HAALO demo is a video and radar data recording of test rides performed with our system mounted on a helmet. It contains two typical scenarios of a motorcycle rider in first person 360 degrees. In the first run of each scenario is the ambient audio (NATURAL SOUND)  experienced by the rider under natural conditions. In the second run of each scenario, the system experience (SYNTHETIC SOUND) is generated.


To best experience the demo, you will need to do the following:

1)            Connect headphones in the correct orientation (L,R)

2)            Press on the button below on a mobile device you are using to display (If using an iPhone, the link

                   should be played through the youTube viewer otherwise the VR will be incorrectly displayed)

3)            Increase the volume so that the natural sound section of the demo is barely tolerable

4)            You can pan around the 360 scene to experience the audio field at any head orientation

In the system experience runs, a radar display is shown for the demo purposes only (not part of the product).