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Big Performance. Small Package.

Our proprietary sensor modules can track vehicles at up to 80 meters and at an accuracy of up to 40 cm. They also provide vehicle velocity instantly, at accuracies higher than 1 m/sec. 

Oh and did we mention they are the smallest modules in their class in the world?

Sensor vs 2 Euro.png
Product Video Sound Synthesizer.gif

Hearing is Believing


Our embedded spatial audio synthesis platform performs all user interface functions with unmatched performance. 

Our low latency system is essential to maintaining the "Effect of Reality" 

Cutting Edge Algorithms

From edge DSP software running on our sensor modules, to offline Convolutional Neural Networks developed for automated testing, algorithm development is our forte.  Our tracking algorithms and Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) are optimized to run in real time and on time!

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